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Nashua Model Yacht Club

American Model Yachting Association Club No. 361

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    Ten skippers showed up at Sandy pond early on Saturday to race the first one of the four Footy races for this seasons series. The weather was sunny and cool with gusty winds coming from the WNW at 11 to 15 mph. This was the first big one day event at the pond for the Nashua Model Yacht Club. The Nashua Local Public TV station arrived and did some drone videos of the boats sailing around the marks. All of the skippers that came from other parts of New England enjoyed the pond and said that they would like to sail it again.

    Racing started around 10 am and we all stopped for lunch for a half hour. Racing continued into the afternoon with a lighter breeze and we finished around 3pm. A total of 13 races were raced and two throw outs were agreed on for the number of races completed. The race Results are as follows with throw outs.

Here are the regatta scores:

1  Cliff Martin                         11 pts

2 Herb Dreher                       28

3 Bill Hagerup                        29

4 Ronnie Jones                      46

5 Jim Linville                          53

6 John Lamport                     54

7 Steve Doherty                    62

8 Herb Cottery                      63

9 Jack Berglund                     77

10 Paul McBride                    79

I would like to thank all those involved that made this event happen:

Nick from Nashua Parks and Recreation Department who let us use this pond for these events and helping keeping the Sandy Pond clean.

Photographer Shawn as he kayaked out on the pond and took some great shots.

Bill helped to set up a great coarse for the boats to sail around

Peter from Nashua Public TV station for taking the drone movies

And all the skippers that helped at the end of the day to make sure the pond was clean of trash and other debris

My last but not least person that helped keep score and helped RD the races Jerry

Thank you all!! and Keep the wind in your sails!!!!!